Hosting a student can be a rewarding experience for the whole family.

We are seeking warm and caring Canadian families who can accommodate international students and offer them support and guidance.

You will not only give a student the chance to experience daily Canadian life, but you will also provide yourself and your family with

an opportunity to learn about another culture.




Our students are mostly Japanese age between 20-40, but sometimes we take teens and seniors.

Typical Japanese students are known as vey polite and quiet people. You may need to encourage them to speak voluntary.


Most of ESL schools are located in downtown Vancouver and students don't want to spend longer commuting hours.

It should be within ONE hour from your home to downtown by public transportation.

However we sometimes run group programs in satellite cities of Vancouver such as Surrey. Please ask to

Homestay coordinator about the area we are looking for families.


A Homestay familiy;

1. must provide 3 meals a day.

2. must speak English in front of a student.

2. must provide a private room and bed to each student.

3. must install a desk, a chair and a lamp in a student's room.

4. must submit a police clearance certificate.

5. must keep house clean.


1. Please contact homestay coordinator by phone( 604-647-1198 ), by e-mail( or by fax( 604-647-1110 ).

2. We will send you an application form OR you can download Application form. You can fill it out and send it back.

3. We will visit your home and interview with you and your family by appointment.

4. We will make an agreement.


Please refer to the Corporate Profile.